Cloud Orchestrator

Global Cloud Management

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Streamline your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Orchestrator manages your public and private clouds in one consolidated self service portal.


Multi Cloud Support

Cloud Orchestrator supports Amazon EC2, Kubernetes, Terraform, VMWare and Openstack.

Self Service Portal

Users can manage and provision their own resources.

Infrastructure Insights

Gain valuable access to cloud operating costs.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy to onsite data centers, physical servers or public hosting providers.

Download Cloud Orchestrator

There are multiple ways to use Cloud Orchestrator.

  • PHP Composer

    The recommended installation method is PHP Composer. To install 8.x-2.0 version of Cloud Orchestrator project, use the following command:

    composer create-project docomoinnovations/cloud_orchestrator cloud_orchestrator
  • AWS Marketplace

    Launch Cloud Orchestrator 8.x-2.0 from AWS Marketplace.

  • AWS CloudFormation

    Launch an EC2 instance of Cloud Orchestrator using AWS CloudFormation Template.

  • Existing Drupal installation

    Download the module directly to an existing Drupal installation.


Check out some of Cloud Orchestrator's UI

  • Kubernetes resource usage

  • Dashboard with map and list view of various clouds

  • Insights related to Amazon EC2 usage

  • Kubernetes pod listing page


Cloud Orchestrator is open sourced and built on Drupal. Browse the documentation to learn about installation and usage.

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